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The IMS tele-medicine solutions allow for ILMS or IRIS Specialists in organizations the ability to assign cases to be reported by external Radiologists and Pathologists. Digital PACS Images, where applicable, are automatically streamed as part of the Internet remote reporting module for access by external Specialists to those cases assigned to them for reporting. The system includes automated workflow between iTeleMed and Pathology (ILMS) and Radiology (IRIS) systems with efficiency rules incorporated to improve outcomes, provide a faster, more reliable service and reduce bottlenecks and costs.

The users have the ability to dictate or type reports for cases that the system automatically processes in accordance with priority and turnaround time requirements. Whether they are pathologists, radiologists or typists, all those permitted to use the system can access information specific to their needs across the internet to perform the functions required. Reports that have been dictated whilst examining studies using the digital dictation function would be typed by medical typists located within the organisation or working externally.
Reports once verified can be securely transmitted electronically over the internet or be emailed.

In using this system it means that any necessary second opinions can be also performed by expert people quickly and easily. Governments can plan to use vital resources located in many different hospitals and can also refer or outsource work, yet still maintain the medical records in the locations required. Viewing of records and images can be viewed by those authorised people over the internet.
For referring doctors, results for their patients are automatically sent to the doctor’s practice and can be imported into their hospital or practice management system using HL7 or PIT.

IMS provides a completely digital solution that enables streamlined, reliable and efficient process.

An electronic internet ordering system is available via the OMS (Refer OMS information).



Electronic Ordering

Workflow to assign cases

Automated external Workflow

Remote Reporting

Remote Typing

Remote Verification

Internet enquiry of results and images

Automatic Result Delivery

Clinically Proven

The Integrated Medical Systems clinical development team together with clinicians continually validate IMS software in clinical environments to ensure all workflow requirements are met.


Productivity Enhancement

Increase your productivity by making use of Tele-medicine features such as:
Intuitive easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Assigning of cases for remote reporting to other Radiologist, Pathologists and Cardiologists

  • Assigning digitally reported cases to transcriptions for remote typing

  • Electronic remote ordering

  • Remote reviews and digital dictation

  • Remote reporting or typing by Pathologists

  • Remote verification

  • Remote typists transcription services

  • Includes HL7 service and messaging option

  • Includes Email service option

  • Automatic result report delivery to referring doctors from Clinics or external hospitals enabling more responsive patient care. Note this requires HL7 option and also at the Clinic or external hospital to receive records automatically load into the patient medical record.