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Key Features

Hazards Register

Risks Control

Injury Management

Insurance Claims

Health Assessments

Intergrated Risk Management

Integrated Risk Management System (OHASIS)

OHASIS is a powerful analytical system that enhances risk and loss control in work settings. Designed around a conceptual framework that promotes optimum risk control strategies, makes OHASIS a powerful management tool. By taking a structured and systematic approach to health and safety within your organisation, use of OHASIS allows you to take control of the issues that may cause harm to employees. OHASIS can be installed in any workplace regardless of industry.


Risk Management

  • Register Risks
  • Automatically provides risk probability based on controlled and uncontrolled states
  • Audit control measures and monitors for continued integrity of control measures
  • View history of assessments for each hazard and control measure
  • Assign hazards to jobs(roles) within your organisation
  • Compliance reports based on differing organisational levels

Occurrence Recording

  • Incidents, accidents and injuries
  • Record Occurrences of identified hazards
  • Provide management overview on the effectiveness of controls
  • Calculates the lost time injury frequency rates
  • Track individual claims
  • Provide management overview on the effectiveness of controls
  • Provide lost time frequency rates

Incident Management

  • Allows the recording of the various types of incidents/events which can occur in an organisation
  • Provides detailed analysis of these incidents/events with the capability to develop a taxonomy of the incidents/events
  • Facilitates the development of a database of the problems/hazards which can result in the incidents/events, thereby minimising the likelihood of the incidents/events
  • Provides user defined alerts to facilitate timely responses to incidents/events
  • Tracks the implementation and maintenance of measures to reduce the likelihood of (recurrence of) an incident/event
  • Provides an assessment of compliance with the measures implemented to reduce the likelihood of the incidents/events (Control Integrity Index)
  • Standard reports are available with the system. These report formats are stored and maintained in an external file so report changes will not require a new release.
  • Reports are able to be exported in a native format, HTML, PDF, RTF or Microsoft word format. There are a number of cross tabulated statistical reporting options for data that warrants this type of analysis
  • Export to any of the Microsoft office products is available