Medical Products

Hospital Solutions

Integrated Medical Information System(IMIS) is a complete hospital information system designed for use in a single hospital or multi site enterprise. details >>


Integrated Scheduling Information System

The Scheduling system provided by IMS allows clinical departments such as Radiology to manage their resources and appointments. details >>


Integrated Radiology Information System

We developed IRIS to simplfy and streamline the workflow within a Radiology department or practice, enabling staff to focus on the job at hand and letting IRIS do what it does best. details >>


Integrated Laboratory Management System

The Integrated Laboratory Management System (ILMS) is designed to anticipate and meet the needs of Pathology services in busy Hospitals and Commercial Laboratories of any size. details >>


Integrated Blood Bank Information System

IBIS has been designed to be the product of choice for operating a Blood Bank service. Boasting a range of features to meet the needs of your organisation. details >>


HL7 Engine

In order to handle information transfer between IMS applications and external information systems, (eg. Hospital Information Systems (HIS), PACS in Radiology) IMS uses a combination of file transfer and data encoding/ decoding. details >>



The IMS tele-medicine solutions allow for ILMS or IRIS Specialists in organizations the ability to assign cases to be reported by external Radiologists and Pathologists. details >>



IMS can supply PACS or can integrate to an existing PACS. PACS systems supported are ScImage, Agfa, GE IPACS, Medweb or Mercury. details >>



IMS has developed interfaces for use with third party products from other supplier organisations. details >>


Other Industries


Integrated Risk management system (OHASIS)

OHASIS is a powerful analytical system that enhances risk and loss control in work settings. details >>


Injury Management

Track individual claims, Track interventions, Record medical information, certificates and intervention details details >>