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Key Features

Clinically Proven

Electronic Ordering

Bar-coded specimen labels

Configurable Rules Engine

Automated Workflow

Fully integrated modules

Specimen Management

Equipment Interfaces

Drawings & Body Charts

Special stains systems

Workload Statistics, Excel integration

Turn around times

Worksheets, Word integration

Audit Reports




Intergrated Laboratory Information Systems

Integrated Laboratory Information System

The Integrated Laboratory Information System (ILMS) is designed to anticipate and meet the needs of Pathology services in busy Hospitals and Commercial Laboratories of any size. Its flexibility facilitates applications for Company Screening Pathology and Veterinarian Pathology. Today, ILMS is internationally operational in large laboratories processing over 20,000 requests per day, and also in smaller laboratories with less than 500 requests per day.

Suitable for hospitals, reference laboratories, veterinary pathology and public health laboratories.


Autopsy Haemostasis
Bacteriology Histology
Biochemistry Immunology and Allergies
Blood Bank Microbiology/Mycology
Bone Marrow Molecular Genetic Haematology
Bone Marrow Transplant Parasitology
Chemical Pathology Serology
Cytogenetics Special Biochemistry
Cytology Tissue and Blood Culture
Endocrinology Toxicology
Forensic Virology


Clinically Proven
Our clinical development team together with pathologists and clinicians continually validate ILMS software in clinical environments to ensure all workflow requirements are met. ILMS provides pathologists with tools such as management reporting and statistical analysis. ILMS is especially unique in featuring two stage results verification by scientists and pathologists.

Equipment Interfacing
LabTalk is a system that connects multiple heterogeneous laboratory analysers to a host Laboratory Information Management system such as ILMS. This can be in either HL7 or ASTM standard formats. LabTalk uses an innovative Protocol Definition Language (PDL) to translate any instrument format to the ASTM standard.
LabTalk incorporates many different machine interfaces. Click here to download LabTalk brochure

ILMS has a number of features to make your laboratory more productive. Each feature has been designed with end users in mind:

  • Intuitive easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Easily accessible on-line comprehensive test history with centralized patient information
  • User-definable registration for more efficient data entry
  • Order Entry Interface through the IMS Order Management System
  • Specific test request screens for each discipline
  • HIS and Instrument interfaces to streamline laboratory workflow, lower costs, and improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Technologist’s and Pathologist’s worklist module and verification screens increase efficiency and manage workflow.
  • Automated resulting screens through reference range tables enhance efficiency.
  • Convenient Web access to review diagnostic reports
  • Bar code technology support for efficient specimen and tracking
  • SNOMED / ICD coding and keyword searching
  • User-definable rules and coded comments
  • Automatic report spooling for printing, e-mail, fax or notification
  • Point of care order management is handled by the Order Management System. Click here to see more.