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IMS has developed interfaces for use with third party products from other supplier organisations. These interfaces are developed to HL7 standards and permit the transfer of patient information to be accessed by a number of modules so that Patient data is entered once by Hospital Staff. The interfaces include links to third party systems:

  • Patient admission and Outpatient registration demographics
  • Orders placed for Pathology and Radiology, Cardiology, Pharmacy and Allied Health
  • Results reporting back to the HIS medical record systems
  • Result reports sent to Private Practices and linked to downloaded to Practice Systems
  • Billing records for Pathology and Radiology

The methodology includes HL7 messaging and customised interfaces to link to systems for third party products not HL7 compliant. Other interfaces include ASTM for use with Laboratory instrument interfaces and HL7 and DICOM for Radiology modalities. Web based imaging software is able to be supplied by IMS using the 3D capable engine produced by ScImage Inc. IMS has integrated RIS software with a number of PACS solutions and software can be purchased with or without PACS. A total fully integrated solution is available from IMS that caters for single and multi site Radiology Practices as well as small and large hospitals.

IMS systems integrate with the following Web based products:

  • ScImage The Enterprise Imaging Company.
  • VisageTM PACS (Mercury Computer Systems Inc) Challenges drive innovation.
  • IDX ImagecastTM iPACS,(GE Healthcare) the leading innovator and developer of robust web-based imaging products and services for Healthcare Medweb, and others
  • Interfaces for electronic transmission to Medical Fund departments, such as Medicare, have also been developed by IMS to link with Blue Chip and other products.

IMS has developed many laboratory equipment interfaces that incorporate into its Labtalk product. Click here for more information