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Key Modules

Patient Master Index and Patient Registration

Integrated Patient Management System

Medical Records


Order Management

Appointment Scheduling

Integrated Radiology Information System (IRIS)

Integrated Laboratory Management System (ILMS)


Blood Bank (IBIS)

Patient Billing




Integrated Medical Information System(IMIS) is a complete hospital information system designed for use in a single hospital or multi site enterprise.

It offers hospitals best of breed solutions for a total Integrated Patient Management System that includes PMI, Registration, Patient medical records, Enquiry, Order Management including Order Entry, Specimen collection and tracking, Results reporting, Laboratory with all pathology disciplines and numerous instrument interfaces, Blood Bank, Radiology covering all modalities and PACS imaging, Patient appointments and resource scheduling, Patient tracking, Pharmacy, Specialists systems including Cardiology, Nurse plans and Billing

Patient Master Index and Patient Registration

The Patient Master Index creates and maintains patient’s Medical record numbers within a hospital or Government Agency and can be used with the Patient Registration module to record personal detail critical to the running of a health facility. Where an existing hospital system is linked, the patient details are automatically retrieved.

Consultation examination details history and clinical information about the patient can be captured or entered where applicable. Private Laboratories or Practice organisations unable to receive electronic orders, are able to register requests when specimens or patients arrive as part of the Pathology (ILMS) or Radiology (IRIS) patient request registration and patients already in the system are matched up automatically for cumulative history and billing. The system is able to scan documents and record clinical notes and information such as Veteran or Medicare card numbers, Work Cover and other details.

Integrated Patient Management System

The patient management system can be linked to existing systems within the organisation such as Pharmacy that together will incorporate solutions to manage patients for your organisation. For hospitals this includes Outpatients as well as Inpatients with admission, transfer and separations while providing smart and intuitive bed management.

Integrated Medical Records System
The Integrated Medical Records System provides integrated cross-disciplinary, real time, patient-focused views of clinical information, providing clinician’s with immediate feedback. The system supports full multi-media text, sound, still and video images.

Integrated Pharmacy
The Integrated Pharmacy System linked is best of breed module that is designed to manage the Pharmacy Department servicing Accident and Emergency, inpatients, outpatients and day care, making the electronic prescribing, dispensing and administration processes safer, improving accuracy, speed and decision-making.

Order Management System (OMS)

IMS Order Management System is part of the IMS Clinical Information System suite of software that aids Clinicians to make informed decisions regrading patients' wellbeing with access to Medical Records and rules based decision support for medication management, ordering with conditions and alerts, duplicates prevention and recording additional information, drawings with body chart templates, if pertinent to certain procedures or tests. With Pharmacy and dispensing linked to the system, it enhances the decision support with drug interactions facilities and options for alternative medication. Requests for clinical investigations and treatment can be made from the point of care, such as a ward/clinic or from a Private Practice or home via the Internet or with optional use of mobile devices/ PDA's. Electronic order forms can be produced for authorisation or confirmation and work is automatically routed to the particular department or location responsible for the service, whether it is for Pathology, Blood Bank, Radiology, Cardiology, Pharmacy, Allied Health or other Specialties. Automatic generation of bar-coded specimen labels can be printed at desired locations for the collection of samples. Requests transition can be tracked and monitored until completed with results and reports made available automatically alerting the Clinician as soon as they are ready. Clinicians can view patient’s complete history in consolidated, cumulative, departmental format, with test results or reports and images for procedures.

Integrated Scheduling Information System (ISIS)

Scheduling of requests for appointments is activated from the Order Management System (OMS) when orders are placed for procedures that require appointments to be scheduled or confirmed. The scheduling system will suggest suitable appointment times based on when equipment, room and resources are available in order to perform single or multiple procedures. Certain procedures and appointments can be confirmed by Specialist service Providers. Appointment cards and instructions relating to particular procedures are prepared for the patient. Referred patients given referral forms can also make appointments directly with the Organisation, department or location performing the service. Allocated times for procedures are configurable and time slots can be blocked for equipment maintenance or staff unavailability periods. Appointments can be rescheduled if necessary and patients are tracked throughout the process to arrival and until departure. Work lists and waiting lists are available listing patients or resources and overdue/time alerts are highlighted. The tracking status is automatically reflected throughout the system and is fully integrated with the IMS Radiology system (IRIS). Read more>>

Integrated Radiology Information System (IRIS)

Today, IRIS is the solution of choice in bridging the gap between diagnostic imaging departments and the rest of the enterprise by integrating electronic patient records with medical images and reports. Designed to meet the needs of Diagnostic Imaging services of Hospitals and Imaging Centres of any size, it's flexibility facilitates applications for single and enterprise-wide systems to perform clinical, technical and administrative activities. IRIS covers all workflow requirements for administrative staff, radiographers or other technical staff, as well as Radiologists. It seamlessly integrates images for all modalities and automatically displays them for the Radiologists to view during reporting and verifying. Radiologists can use digital dictation or voice recognition options for improved efficiency in reporting. Clinicians have access to patients’ reports with images at wards and clinics or are available at Private Practices via email or Internet. IMS can supply a total solution for Radiologists whether they are in Private practice or hospitals, with full Picture Archiving and Communication (PACS) solution to provide seamless integration of its supplied web-based imaging product and its scheduling module (ISIS). Read more>>


Integrated Laboratory Management System (ILMS)
ILMS is a leading international Pathology Laboratory system with comprehensive facilities and functions to cover all aspects of workflow, and procedure requirements of large and small organisations ILMS operates in both hospital and commercial laboratories. Daily workloads of <100 patient requests to those of >3000+ bed hospitals are readily handled. Unlimited users can be supported for use by multiple site organisations. All pathology disciplines are covered and include Blood Bank, Blood Bank transfusion and Donors, Biochemistry/Chemical Pathology, Endocrinology, Cytology, Cytogenetics, Histopathology, Haematology, Haemostasis, Bone Marrow, Microbiology, Mycology, Serology, Immunology, Virology, Tissue and Blood Culture. Many laboratory instrument interfaces have been interfaced to the ILMS system using the IMS instrument handler engine (Labtalk). It includes modules that can be configured for non-human testing options for public health and Veterinary Pathology with appropriate reference ranges. Read more>>


This product acts to provide an automated connection between multiple laboratory or environmental monitoring instruments and the host Integrated Laboratory Management System. It functions within a standard Windows 32 and utilises either the HL7,XML or the ASTM standard communication protocols. It provides a single common system for connection of numerous instrument interfaces. Many instrument interfaces can be added. Read more>>

Blood Bank

Blood Bank IBIS has is a product of choice for operating a Blood Bank service. Boasting a range of features to meet the needs of your organisation, IBIS is a cornerstone product that has been designed from the ground up with safety, integrity and traceability in mind. IBIS is an essential tool for the daily needs of a blood bank service for donors and patients. Read more >>

Integrated Patient Billing System

Designed to integrate or link with the other applications within the IMS suite to provide the organisation or health facility with the ability to produce Medicare claims, invoices, track payments and maintain financial information based on billing class, fees and produce statistics about the services rendered pertaining to the modules installed. IMS is able to implement a total billing package or a billing interface that will export all billing items from modules such as for Pathology or Radiology, Cardiology etc, to an existing billing package, as an option, for those organisations already using financial systems.