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Company Overview

Integrated Medical Systems Pty Ltd “IMS” commenced operations in 1993 and has it head office in Brisbane, Australia. It specialises in the supply of Integrated Medical Information Systems for the total hospital environment that includes Clinical Patient Management Systems, Patient safety and Employee health and safety information systems and specialist services.

The company has built its reputation in the health industry and brings over 500 person years of clinical and work flow experience to the world market through relationships with hospitals, laboratories, Blood Banks, clinics and with health care information systems vendors and partners. Products are built with state of the art technology using Web Services and Object Orientated design principles, a user friendly Graphical User Interface and takes advantage of emerging trends in technology, Internet/intranet and mobile data capture. IMS understands the business of health and can help you with your information systems requirements whether it is for large hospitals or private practice organizations.

Mission Critical Healthcare Solutions

Many industries describe their information systems needs as "mission critical," but nowhere is this requirement more relevant than in Healthcare. A physician prescribing treatment needs pathology and radiology reports in a timely manner. Likewise, a surgeon needs blood products for transfusions and real-time access to reports in order to perform critical procedures.

By understanding the information needs, workflow and business requirements of Healthcare service providers, IMS provides application software solutions aimed at optimising the delivery of services. We design and build our systems with a focus on clinical, technological and workflow concepts with a view to improve your clinical and cost outcomes.

IMS solutions are designed to support the strategic and business needs of health organizations in delivering high quality health care at reasonable cost.

IMS offers powerful, integrated Clinical, Diagnostic and Administrative applications that conform to international Standards, is HL7 compliant, thus offering a clear migration path to the future. IMS products are highly configurable, modular and scalable that can address our client’s current and future needs.


Customers include Government teaching hospitals, referral hospitals, general hospitals and district hospitals. Private organisations include multi site radiology practices and laboratories.

Customers using the Risk management and injury prevention systems include industry and government agencies.

Our Mission

Our MissionOur mission is to help our clients improve their delivery of health related services to their customers through the effective application of information technology. IMS will achieve this by:

  • Developing and delivering software and related services of the highest quality to the health care industry in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Working closely with our clients to successfully implement the software and assist them to achieve their goal of improved health services to their clients.

  • Employing the highest level of software engineering to develop efficient, adaptable, reliable and innovative software products.

  • Continually striving to improve the proficiency and responsiveness in the range of support services we offer to our clients.

  • Establishing long term relationships with our clients to ensure that our products and services continue to add value to their businesses and evolve to meet changing technology and health care practices in the future.

We continue to measure our success by our clients' recognition of our contribution to their improved health care performance and the expansion of our client base. This will be achieved by IMS becoming a leader in software development (products) and software implementation (services) for the health care industry worldwide.